The Eulogist

by Leon C

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Put your paw upon my knee Like a feather in the storm Touch my chest and we'll be free Together here and warm And let your tongue stick out my girl Let your hair run all loose The time left is to live my pearl Not be aggressive like the goose And in thundery and lightening days In the back of a caboose In a laundromat or other ways It'll always be with you For though I am no homeless man I am often poor inside Though your head upon my chest my dear Brings riches too my mind And though we miss him deep my girl His call remains so warm And in slumber he shall reappear For one last final walk
Lady of June 04:05
June she rains On the tarmac rotten On the cups forgotten On the English stage And it's there she claims There is a bottom Of life that often Gets out of hand One day I got A conductors letter She said do better In the July rains And what I took Was a book that had her Had a broken letter From the April days And I ain't got it now I said And she groaned just like the ground Because I'm a fool for this life we said And our souls tumbled on down And the coffee still Is stale and has gotten Old and is often Spilt on out By boots ungolden Unclean and modern Unclean and trodden Pulling us out And I ain't got it now I said And out my window she dropped her mouth And her tears fell from the seventh floor And her golden hair came out
Shine on Tuesday Bathe on Wednesday Cry on Friday Waltz on Robin Grove Way The girl shouts my life is not a fairy tale And the wolf howls back how you bitten your own tail And the girl she replies, with watery sodden eyes So it's my fate to walk this mile Shine on Tuesday Bathe on Wednesday Cry on Friday Waltz on Robin Grove Way And brother marches the severn streets, there floodlight, there lit And he's screaming to his crew of four that he's gone into a pit And collapsing on the asphalt ground with pains in synthetic nit Brother bear goes rolling in the grit Shine on Tuesday Bathe on Wednesday Cry on Friday Waltz on Robin Grove Way So the brother and the girl, the wolf and a fan Well they meet to discuss on the day of the plan And the brother and the girl, well they claim to know it well But the wolf cries not until no sound Shine on Tuesday Bathe on Wednesday Cry on Friday Waltz on Robin Grove Way
Eulogy 01:45
We have all never sinned I grapple with my suit and hold my vest I feel the wind in my hair and the grass of the brush My suit sways and my mind gushes Brown orange rust It maps your faces and matches the world As your mouth speaks continents And your ears hold wisdom And your hands And there art For your soul never cracked Never perished And only loved And it's here, as I watch the clouds flow by In a city we have shared young adulthood That my tears on this page split and spurl And fit and hurl I remember looking deep into your eyes Into everything there was and now isn't Into everything that you gave and every breathe you breathed And in it I see a puzzle For in a world rawer but more beautiful You are now one with it And thought your shelter doesn't remain Your love and soul does In minds across the world And deep, deep in the minds of the ones you touched I love you Travel Man, forever and always
Birds 04:04
Storm clouds cry a tear drop as the flags wave through the sky I'm sat here asking for the birds to tell me why And quiet and lonesome from that hit and run inside Quiet and lonesome has it my eye Cause every single minute of this day that goes by Every single lesson has you both by my side And I remember and I realize that he gave you life And your crying and pain comes from somewhere deep inside And if you could have him back today You'd hold him close and brand it all away And you'd burn, and you'd learn, and you'd turn So I know your energy's just dropping away But the birds have told me you are of the strongest clay And your mind and your ears will show you the way And all the love around will help you day by day


released December 26, 2020


all rights reserved



Leon C England, UK

Leon C is a contemporary folk singer songwriter born in Southampton Hampshire. After 9 years of classical guitar training, Leon began mixing his love for poetry and vintage music with more modern influences to make poetically inflected, contemporary folk music. Two years later after debut release “Please” in 2018, he is out with a new set of songs, playing with both a band and solo. ... more

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